Employee engagement

We believe that healthy, happy employees are engaged employees. That’s why we offer many ways for colleagues to be involved, have fun, get healthy and serve our communities together.

Moda Center events:

Our partnerships with the Trail Blazers and other area programs provide first-class ticket to volunteer and give back to causes employees hold dear.

Company picnics and holiday luncheons:

Twice a year, Moda celebrates all employees by hosting company picnics and holiday luncheons for our various locations.

Birthday gifts:

All employees get to choose their own birthday gifts every year — from Moda’s signature selection.

Employee engagement days:

Sometimes, we all just need a little pick-me-up. So, every so often, employees enjoy fresh fruit and snack deliveries to their departments.

Wellness benefits:

Our employees walk the talk. We participate in workplace health programs, including yoga, Zumba, a running group, and more.

Giving back:

Moda employees have a heart for giving. And, they enjoy many opportunities to be charitable.

Friendly competition:

From our Halloween decorating contest to the gingerbread house building competition to the social media challenge, we enjoy many opportunities to engage.