Employee resource groups

Diversity, equity and inclusion are part of our makeup. At Moda, we value and encourage all employees to recognize, accept, respect and celebrate our differences.

At the heart of our organization is a Diversity Council that works to build a stronger culture, inspire new ideas and drive innovation.

Voluntary and led by employees, our employee resource groups (ERGs) offer opportunities to engage with other employees who share similar concerns and interests. Our current ERGs include:

African American:

Celebrates the accomplishments of African Americans inside and outside of Moda while encouraging personal and professional growth.

Asian Pacific Islander:

Promotes personal and professional growth of Asian Pacific Islanders through education, networking and collaboration over common interests.


Shares a passion for Latino and Hispanic cultures. Recruits and retains talent and collaborates with businesses and community organizations.


Celebrates and supports with the young at heart — the new faces of leadership at Moda. Members encourage each other to be better.

LGBTQIA+ & Friends:

Recognizes, includes and supports members of our LGBTQIA+ community at work and in the community.

Toastmaster’s Group:

Helps each other build confidence, find their voices and become leaders. Members prepare and give impromptu speeches in a supportive environment.

Women in Leadership:

Positively impacts co-workers and the community while helping each other realize personal growth.