Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are part of who we are. At Moda, we value and encourage all employees to recognize, accept, respect and celebrate our differences. By embracing diversity and inclusion in our backgrounds, opinions and perspectives, we are better connected with our members, are stronger as a community, and will continue to be better, together.

At the heart of our organization is a diversity council that works to build a stronger culture, inspire new ideas and drive innovation.

Here at Moda, we’re committed to making healthcare work better for everyone.

We realize that truly standing by this commitment means understanding that this goal isn’t one of equality — it’s one of equity. It means truly seeing our members, hearing their unique needs, and acknowledging that those unique needs are often directly tied to systemic disparities that exist in not only the communities we serve, but also throughout our entire country. And paramount to being empowered with this knowledge, it means doing everything we can to understand how to participate in building a more just society

As a company, we have been working for many years to forge ways that weave the pillars of DEI into everything we do.


We value, respect and celebrate people of all backgrounds, identities and abilities, actively seek to identify how uniqueness makes us better.


We strive to understand the underlying causes of outcome disparities. We actively work toward increasing justice and fairness in our processes, procedures and systems — both within our company and within our communities.


We are committed to creating environments wherein every individual has an equal opportunity to belong and can be recognized for their inherent worth and dignity.

Social injustices have served as a reminder of how crucial it is for these elements to be a measure in doing right by our employees and communities. Crises that disproportionately affect communities of color and other marginalized groups continue to leave us feeling helpless at times. But at our core, we believe that with a new day comes the opportunity to be better — to work harder and faster to create measurable change.

Through this lens, continuing to establish equity within our own walls is crucial. By not just building a more diverse workforce, but also by supporting that workforce through inclusion, education and opportunity. And by creating spaces that allow for crucial conversations and transparency at all levels.

We fully embrace these efforts that will better equip us to support our communities. We know these goals will not be achieved overnight, but they are achievable and we are committed.

We will be better. We will do better. It is the right thing to do and we expect it of ourselves.